Buying Mountain Property in Colorado

Property in coloraod... mountain land and mountain lakes

Buying mountain property in Colorado is one of the best long-term real estate investments you can ever make, and this may be the best time that you will ever see in your lifetime to do it. Prices are very good right now, but that won’t last long because property in Colorado is selling! However, before you get started, you need to consider important factors that will impact the resale of your Colorado real estate. Also, be sure to call your expert on property in Colorado, especially if you are looking for mountain land. He can point you in the right direction for information on the community, zoning, land-use issues, etc. Mark Skelton’s mission as your Colorado mountain land specialist is to ensure that you make an informed decision based on the most exhaustive information available. Mark values customer satisfaction, both personally and professionally, and wants to sell your purchased property in the future if you ever decide to sell.

Buying Mountain Property in Colorado? Consider Important Resale Factors Before You Buy

Location, location, location!. Where is your mountain property in Colorado located in proximity to towns, and cities? Is it on waterfront, or is it close to waterfront? Is it within a reasonable distance to skiing, national forests, BLM land? The shorter the drive from Denver, the higher the price and value. Location is the most important resale factor for your property in Colorado, and is the factor that you cannot change.

The lay of the land and the views it affords is another important immutable factor to consider when buying mountain property in Colorado

Proximity of  to recreation should be considered as another positive resale factor.

Proximity to government land in Colorado is a positive resale factor.

Utilities is an important resale consideration to make before you buy property in Colorado.

Usability of the property. Sloping land will be ideal for your future buyers who want a view. If you have acreage on flat land, your buyers might value it because you can have pasture for horses, especially if there is a spot for a corral.

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