Urgency for Colorado Mountain Land and Acreage

Regardless of what time of year it is! It’s the time of year when people think about buying Colorado mountain land.

  • In the winter time, people think about skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, warm fires in the hearth, apple cider and eggnog.
  • Come spring people think about the fresh air in the high country, hiking the Colorado mountains, picnics, camping and all the beauty of the trees, wildlife and flowers.
  • In the summer people think about long walks in the woods, fly fishing, boating, rafting, camping and all the recreation that Colorado mountain land and acreage offers out your back door.
  • When fall comes people think about the change of season, the glow of the golden aspen, all the hues of green, red and gold that light up the mountains, hunting and the first hints of snow on the peaks.

Regardless of the season people love the mountains and are purchasing Colorado land and acreage both for pleasure and investment.

There is an urgency to buy Colorado land and acreage. It seems as though the supply is running out, while the prices are running up. This is basically true! The majority of prime Colorado mountain land and acreage is owned by the Government; National and State Forest, BLM Land,  State and National Parks and a variety of open space. Colorado land and acreage is surprisingly scarce, I’ve heard that more then 90% of  the desirable mountain land is owned by the Government.

Over 100 years ago all of the west belonged to the Federal Government. Miners were allowed to file Mining Claims of approximately 5 to 20 acres for the prospecting of gold and silver, etc. After meeting the Government improvement requirements they  were able to patent those claims and aquire fee simple title to the property. The Homestead Act allowed farmers and ranchers to file on land of 160 acre parcels, they could also get  fee simple title after meeting the Government requirements of the Homestead Act. Those homesteads were later assembled to form the large farms and ranches of the west. The railroads received their land grants and Indian Reservations were set aside. The National Forest and Bureau of Land Management were enacted to mange the remainder of the land for the people and they still do, but they are not known for selling. I doubt that we will see a time that they will in the near future.

In Colorado, Senate Bill 35 was enacted in 1972 that restricts the subdividing of Colorado land and acreage to 35 acre sites or larger without meeting strict governmental regulations. Subdividing in to smaller sites became a thing of the past in most cases because of high land development costs associated with County, State and Municipal regulations. This has lead to the low supply of mountain land that we see today!

However, this urgency is mostly fueled by demand. “Go West, Young Man” and people from all over the world have and continue to do just that! Colorado is now ranked among the highest as far as influx of people moving to the state. With a sincere desire among the population to enjoy the lifestyle of the Colorado Mountains. High Demand and Urgency? You Bet! Call your Colorado land and acreage specialist to help you find the right parcel.


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