Colorado Mountain for Sale? How to Get it Moved.

That’s an easy question that can be answered in two words: “Mark Skelton.” However, allow me to elaborate on this question in case you don’t know who Mark Skelton is. If you have a Colorado mountain for sale, you need to call the person who has more prospective land buyers than anyone, and knows Colorado mountain land better than anyone else. Mark will be changing your “Colorado Mountain for Sale” sign to a “Mountain Sold!” sign before long. Mark Skelton is not just a mountain man; he is a mountain-moving man.

Colorado Mountain for Sale? Git ‘Er Done!


Why is Mark Skelton your “go to” guy if you are trying to sell your Colorado mountain land?

He is willing to take the time to meet people and show them the mountain for sale, not just give them the directions and hope they find it. This is not only good for the buyer, it is good for the seller as well.

Mountain for sale? Mark Skelton is willing to invest his time and resources to generate interest, i.e. classified advertising, website, and other forms of internet exposure. Even if you are just selling a small part of the mountain, do not expect Mark to “spare the horses” to get it sold!

As your Colorado mountain land specialist, Mark Skelton knows the territory both physically and mentally. He wants to help people.

He specializes just in land, it’s not a secondary priority. “Mountain for Sale” is a part of his lexicon. If you have a Colorado mountain for sale, Mark will understand its true value and know how to promote it.

If you have a Colorado mountain for sale, or even just a small part of it, he will walk you through the entire process so you understand every nuance of the transaction.

Mark’s priority is getting about getting your “Mountain for sale.” Mark gets results. He concentrates on sales.

He loves the Colorado mountains and enjoys the people, both buyers and sellers that he meets. Mark is the kind of Colorado real estate agent that has a huge referral database based on satisfied clients and repeat clients. If your mountain is for sale, Mark might already know of an interested buyer before you even get the “Mountain for Sale!” sign out.

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